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East Coast Fractionals - fractional ownership real estate company located in the coastal City of Myrtle Beach, along the luxurious Carolina Coast.

Fractional Ownership (shared ownership or co ownership) is somewhat new to the industry, commonly mistaken for time share. Though the similarity of the two is the fraction of time, Fractional Ownership is different. So let us educate you and show you the incredible way of purchasing a luxury home, golf side condominiums, ocean front homes, islands or your place in the mountains, and around the world. The beauty of Fractional Ownership is, you don't have to worry about it all year long, just the time you have allocated for you to enjoy. Usually we market fractions in 1/13th, 1/8th, 1/6th and 1/4 and any variation of. 

In 2008 we will be introducing luxury ocean front homes, second row homes, even condominiums and town homes near the new and exciting Hard Rock Theme Park.

For information on any of our properties that we are marketing please follow the link to the right. Fill in the information and we will contact you very shortly. East Coast Fractionals can help you with your fractional and whole ownership needs. Call us at 888.882.8005.  

New Fractional Ownership Offerings

Owners Quarters

Crescent Shores in North Myrtle Beach. This is a beautiful condominium tower located in the Crescent Beach part of North Myrtle Beach. "Owners Quarters" Unit 1003, is a four bedroom, four bathroom, fully furnished, luxury oceanfront condominium.

When you purchase an Owner's Quarters Interest, you enter into a vacation lifestyle that combines the benefits of second home ownership with the amenities of an luxurious resort and the services offered by your Personal “Owner’s Quarters Vacation Liaison Team”.


Fractional Marketing

East Coast Fractionals offers a wide array of marketing techniques for your property or properties. Typical marketing on the internet is one way, but why not take it a up a notch? We incorporate many different search engine optimization techniques, as well as, links, videos and many other ways to market your property globally. ECF does not consider North America as our only play ground to market to, why not market your property globally. Why would someone just want to market where there is only three hundred million people, ECF likes to market to five billion. Direct mail, sales dinners, direct emails, billboards and other tactics, are just some ways we market your property.

Fractional Sales Force

East Coast Fractionals can offer a very experienced and professional sales force, to sell your project (or property).

  • East Coast Fractionals boasts a sales force second to none. ECF staff are licensed in South Carolina and (some) in North Carolina, with many years experience.
  • Many properties you will see our presence on site, ready to help you with all of your real estate needs, for both fractional and whole ownership.  


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